ISOKIA Science

ISOKIA Science

ISOKIA Science is an independant private institute concerned with research, development, reviews and consulting in several relevant topics:

Social prerequisites of disasters (acceleration of risks by individual and organisational behaviour and actions) and possibilities to assess and manage them.

Socioeconomic questions of disaster stages (analysis of organisational and governmental actions, needs of the inhabitants) and ways to improve the match between them.

Societal learning from disasters (including traditional knowledge about natural hazards).

Strategies to reduce vulnerability of inhabitants, communities, organisations and economic structures to future hazards and to improve resilience.

Strengthening the base for local economic development.

Participation of inhabitants in risk communication, improvement of public risk awareness, improvement of communication and information structure, media programs and trainings.

Improvement and reconstruction of social and public infrastructure.

Changeover of the pre- and post disaster development to sustainable Development within population, organisations and total society (including improvement and reconstruction of social and public infrastructure).

Capacity building for disaster risk management (improvement of the capacity of governments and administrations from the national to the community level to manage disasters and mitigate risks).

Societal and cultural conditions of early warning and alarm systems).











ISOKIA Science





Institute for Socioeconomic and Cultural International Analysis
Dr. habil. Geenen

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